Best Beginner Hockey Skates for 2024

Skating onto the ice for the first time is an exciting moment—and having the right equipment will make a huge difference in your enjoyment and development as a hockey player.

While buying brand new skates as a beginner may feel tempting, there are lots of reasons to consider buying used. New hockey skates cost hundreds of dollars, and as a beginner you really won’t need the material technologies found in expensive, top-of-the-line skates. Especially if you’re buying for a child whose feet are still growing, buying a quality used pair will help you save money for other essential equipment and future upgrades. A well-maintained pair of used hockey skates will provide all the functionality a beginner needs while they learn the fundamentals of the game and decide if they enjoy the fast, physical nature of being on the ice.

As a beginner (or someone shopping for a beginner) finding the right equipment can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to buying the right skates—but we’re here to help! 

Below we break down our favorite beginner skates for the 2025 season.

CCM JetSpeed FT340 Hockey Skates


The FT340 is an entry-level ice hockey skate designed for beginners. It emphasizes comfort and affordability, making it a suitable option for those starting out in the sport. The skate features a durable outer shell with a supportive fit, a comfortable microfiber liner, and a pro-style tongue for protection. Additionally, the CCM SpeedBlade Pro holder provides stiffness for better power transfer and stability while skating. Within the CCM JetSpeed line, the FT340 sits as the most affordable and beginner-friendly option. The JetSpeed line itself is known for its focus on speed and performance, offering skates for various player levels, from beginner to recreational to professional.

Bauer Supreme 140 Hockey Skates


The Supreme 140 offers an excellent entry point into the iconic Supreme line, known for its anatomical fit and close-to-the-foot feel. These skates are ideal for players just starting out in the sport, providing a comfortable fit with a premium nylon construction and a microfiber liner. The injected TPR outsole and TUUK Lightspeed Pro holder with stainless steel runners offer durability and reliable performance. Building upon Bauer's legacy of innovation, the Supreme 140 delivers quality and value to help new players discover the joy of hockey.

CCM JetSpeed 250 Hockey Skates


The JetSpeed 250 caters to beginner players seeking a balance of affordability and quality. Part of CCM's Jetspeed line, the 250 inherits the brand's commitment to performance. This skate boasts a comfortable, supportive shell and a durable liner for extended use. The non-replaceable stainless steel blade offers a long-lasting edge, reducing the frequency of sharpening. While lacking the high-end features of its JetSpeed brethren, the 250 is a solid choice for beginners looking for a comfortable and reliable skate to perfect their game, upholding the brand's legacy of providing equipment for players of all levels.

CCM Tacks 9040 Hockey Skates


The Tacks 9040 is an excellent choice for beginner hockey players. It's the most affordable skate in the Tacks line, featuring a comfortable injected mesh boot and a supportive microfiber liner. The pre-sharpened, non-replaceable stainless steel blades allow you to hit the ice right away, while the slightly elevated holder provides a more aggressive skating stride. However, these blades cannot be replaced when they become dull, so this skate is not intended for everyday use. Overall, the CCM Tacks 9040 is a good value for casual skaters and newcomers to the sport.

CCM JetSpeed FT 670 Hockey Skates


The FT 670 occupies a niche within CCM's long lineage of skates, offering a balance between affordability and features for developing players. They slot into the JetSpeed line, known for its focus on maximizing speed and agility. The FT 670 achieves this through a one-piece boot construction that provides a close, comfortable fit for improved energy transfer during strides. This translates to better power and quicker acceleration on the ice. Anatomic fit elements like a 7mm felt tongue with lace-bite protection further enhance comfort and performance. The FT 670 is a great choice for beginners who are looking for a skate that prioritizes speed and responsiveness without the hefty price tag of a pro model.

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