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New Athalon Ski Bag
Retail price: $300
New Waterproof Ski Backpack
Retail price: $225
Hottronics Boot Bag
Retail price: $250
Used Marker Ski Bag
Retail price: $750

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Skiing Bags & Packs Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Guide for Ski Bags

Ski Bags come in all shapes and sizes with lots of different features to suit a variety of needs. The biggest thing to take into consideration before you buy a ski bag is the length of your skis; be sure that whatever bag you purchase, it is long enough to fit your skis inside! Then, you can start to customize your choice a bit more.

A wheeled ski bag is by far the most portable and ideal if you're going to walk long distances. These bags are often incredibly spacious, giving you plenty of room to house several sets of skis. Hard case ski bags will protect your equipment more so than soft bags; however, these bags are limited in terms of how much room they provide inside since they’re rigid. Padded ski bags are slightly less protective, but still a great option, as they do keep your skis safe with the added bonus of more flexibility. But don't try and stuff too much inside your ski bag, especially your ski boots, as improperly packed bags are often lost or delayed in airports. Investing in a ski boot bag is more than worth it.

Tips for Traveling and Flying with Skis

A pro tip: airlines won’t charge you for two bags when you check a ski bag and boot bag. They count them together as one bag. Traveling with skis can be relatively hassle-free as long as you check the rules before you go. When taking skis on a plane, make sure you pack according to the size and weight restrictions of the airline you're flying with.

Best Ski Bags

One of the best ski travel bags is the Thule RoundTrip Double Ski Bag, which comes with wheels for easy transportation. The zipper is designed in the shape of an 'S', making it simple to get your skis in and out. There's plenty of extra space in there for other pieces of equipment too. The High Sierra Deluxe Wheeled Double Ski Bag is another smart choice, as it's again easy to transport. Its central compartment is generously padded to keep skis safe and secure. The pockets are also really handy for hats and gloves. Finally, the REI Co-op Evaporator Double Ski Bag uses brilliant fabric technology to fully ventilate the compartment where your skis are stored while offering padded protection.