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Lange Shadow 115 LV
Retail price: $900
Women’s Ski Boots
Retail price: $100
Men’s Salomon ski boots
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Ski Boots Frequently Asked Questions

Ski boot sizing is important to get right. There’s nothing worse than having boots that are too tight, painful and hard to put on and take off. Along those same lines, you also don’t want your ski boots to be too big. Having too much wiggle room in your ski boots will decrease the amount of control you have when you’re on the slopes. Based on your skiing ability - beginner, intermediate, or expert - the type of boot you need varies. The flex of a ski boot refers to how easy or hard it is to “flex” the boot forward. The higher the flex of a ski boot, the stiffer it is. Ski racers, for example, need very stiff ski boots to provide them maximum control at high speeds. It’s important to note that flex ratings aren’t always universal between different brands of ski boots. In other words, an 85 flex may feel differently in a pair of Lange ski boots versus a pair of Atomic boots. As a general rule of thumb, beginner skiers will typically use a lower flex and advanced skiers -- who are taking on more intense terrain -- will need a higher flex. Another thing to note for ski boot sizing is that ski boots are measured on a Mondopoint scale. The idea behind the Mondopoint sizing system is to create a boot sizing system that is universal for skiers all around the world. To find your Mondopoint size, simply measure the length of your foot in centimeters. Be sure to measure each foot, and then size to your smaller foot. Ski boot fitters can always stretch a boot if you have one foot that’s bigger than the other, but it’s virtually impossible to “shrink” ski boots down to size.