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Used High Sierra Snowboard Bag
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DB Explorer Ski Backpack
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GOLDWIN Coach Pack
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Brand New Atomic backland 22 bag
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Snowboard Bags & Packs Frequently Asked Questions

Snowboard Bag Buying Guide

Snowboard bags aren't quite “one size fits all,” and there are a few different features you should consider before making a bag purchase. Sleeve snowboard bags are the simplest you can get, and offer little to no padding. They're ideal if you’re just planning to use your bag to transport your snowboard in a car, but they’re not recommended for taking your snowboard on a plane. A padded, non-wheel bag offers a lot more protection for your board, especially if you’re going to be stowing it under a bus or a plane. A padded wheeled snowboard bag is great for carrying multiple boards, so this might be your best bet if you’re traveling as a couple or with your family.

Tips for Flying With a Snowboard

Traveling with a snowboard isn’t usually an issue for airlines, as long as you check your snowboard and it adheres to the weight and size restrictions imposed by the airline. If you're traveling with snowboard boots as well, pack them in a separate boot bag. A pro tip: nearly every airline will allow you to check a boot bag and a board bag together, meaning you get to check two bags for the price of one. This is great, because most boot bags have extra room for you to store your helmet, hat, goggles, etc. Airline guidelines for checking a snowboard involve measuring the width, height, and length as well as the weight. Different airlines may have varying regulations, so make sure you read up on the rules before flying.

Best Snowboard Bags

  • The Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag: a great all-round choice. With the capacity to hold several boards, all of your gear will be kept safe and secure -- plus it’s on wheels, so that means you won’t hurt your shoulder carrying such a heavy load! There's plenty of padding, as well as a lockable zipper to give you extra peace of mind.
  • TheSportube Series 3 Special Edition Bag: has a hard shell, which is extra tough and can withstand the bumps your board might experience if it’s being stored underneath a bus or a plane.
  • The Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag: comes in three different sizes, so whether you’re short or tall you can find the right fit for your board’s size.
  • Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag: a reliable and lightweight option. It's one of the most spacious bags, so you can easily carry multiple boards (and probably all of your gear) in one place.