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Rawlings ICON Baseball Bat

The Rawlings ICON is a two-piece composite baseball bat with a massive barrel, lighter swing, and a flexible connection piece. The ICON comes in a BBCOR, USSSA, and USA model and replaces the Rawlings Quatro Pro as the top-of-the-line offering from Rawlings. This bat features a cutting-edge In/Tense composite construction that maximizes barrel size and performance. The Zero Loss technology enhances durability and handle flex, creating a smooth and powerful swing.

Perfect bat for:
Power hitters who want a perfect blend of heft and control.

Key features include:

In/Tense Carbon CompositeEnsuring maximum barrel size while maintaining optimal stiffness.
Zero-Loss CollarCreates a smooth connection between the handle and barrel to eliminate any drag of vibration.
Balanced swing weightMaximizes bat speed and plays to any type of offensive approach.
RevGripTapered Premium Grip provides cushion and track.
Aerodynamic DesignEnhances swing speed without sacrificing power.

Top Competitors

The ICON boasts a cutting-edge In/Tense composite construction that maximizes sweet spot size for consistent power, potentially edging out the CAT X in sheer barrel real estate. The Marucci CAT X Composite counters with a stiff S-40 composite handle for a more balanced swing weight, aiding developing hitters with bat control. The Louisville Slugger META goes for a more traditional feel with its Lite Alloy design, offering a comfortable swing and a balanced weight distribution for both power and control. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your needs: maximum sweet spot size (ICON), balanced swing with a stiff handle for development (CAT X Composite), or a traditional feel with a balanced weight (META).

Progression of the Rawlings ICON Baseball Bat

2023 is the first year of the Rawlings ICON but some see it as a replacement of the Rawlings Quatro Pro.

👍 Pros
The Rawlings Icon is a beast on the field. Hits are powerful and consistent.
The sweet spot on this thing is like a magnet for the ball. It's tough as nails and can take a beating, which is exactly what you need in the game.
It's light and easy to swing. The ICON gives me control on the barrel. It feels lighter than other bats and has ZERO sting.
👎 Cons
The stock grip is just okay – not as sticky or comfy as I expected. It's no deal-breaker, though. Folks generally like to tweak their grips to suit their style.
I'm not a big fan of the tapered knob on the ICON because I like to feel the handle more at the bottom (purely preference).
The barrel cracked at the base of the handle. Travel ball practice starts this week and his brand new Icon is useless.

The ICON is the new hot bat from Rawlings. It's the top bat in the market right now. In terms of sales, very popular. You've got a lot of guys online doing reviews on it. I think the hype comes from the merger between Easton and Rawlings. They've got a lot of technology and have come up with a really strong-performing bat this season.


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