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DeMarini The Goods Bat Buying Guide

Expert Notes

Two Piece: DeMarini’s the Goods Two Piece is a bat that’s best for power hitters. The newest 2023 Two Piece release features the same sturdy alloy barrel and Tremor End Cap to create that end loaded feel that we’ve loved past The Goods Two Piece models for (and which all power hitters clamor for). Yet, the newest 2023 The Goods Two Piece release also includes an improved composite handle that our hitters say slices through the strike zone with ease. What caught my eye in the 2023 release is the beautiful matte grey and red colorway it comes in. If you’re a naturally strong hitter who’s in your lineup to drive in runs, DeMarini’s The Goods Two Piece bat needs to be on your radar.

One Piece: DeMarini’s The Goods One Piece bat is a home run hitter’s delight, and DeMarini’s top offering when it comes to sending baseballs soaring over the fence. The Goods’ newest one piece release, the 2022 model, is entirely alloy and comes with an all new Tremor End Cap that we noticed was redesigned from older The Goods one piece models to maximize a hitter’s natural power. Yet, don’t let an updated end cap fool you: we still believe that 2020’s version of The Goods One Piece is one of the best one piece metal bats ever made. Regardless of which The Goods One Piece bat you buy, you’re going to get a sweet matte paint job. Overall, expect to see your power stats skyrocket while swinging a DeMarini The Goods One Piece bat.