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CCM JS Shock Sr ‘19
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Senior Player Skates Frequently Asked Questions

Basics of skate sizing

When shopping for a new pair of hockey skates, it’s crucial to find a pair that fit your feet correctly. If you’re a senior hockey player, be sure to take note of what width works best for your foot. Hockey skates come in a variety of widths, denoted by a letter: D, C, R, E or EE. The standard width is “D,” while a “C” cut is a bit narrower. An “R” width will run a little wider than “D,” with “E” being even wider and “EE” being the widest available option An age old trick for hockey skate sizing is the “Finger Test.” If you can fit more than one finger in between your heel and your skate when you stand up and lean forward in a hockey stance, that skate is probably too big for you.

We have tons of solid senior hockey skate options listed on SidelineSwap. If Bauer is your preferred brand, we’d recommend checking out Bauer Supreme 1S skates, Bauer Nexus 1000’s, or Bauer Vapor 1X’s. If you’re more of a CCM guy, be sure to scope out any of the CCM Ribcor, CCM Super Tacks or CCM JetSpeed skates we have on site.