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Used Easton Batting Helmet
Retail price: $50
Used Small EvoShield Batting Helmet
Retail price: $50
Used 7-7 1/2 Champro Batting Helmet
Retail price: $80

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Softball Batting Helmets Frequently Asked Questions

History of Softball Helmets

1941 is the first recorded use of a batting helmet in the MLB after a series of tragic and fatal accidents. Shockingly, the MLB didn’t require players to wear batting helmets until 1971. Softball soon adopted this rule as a universal standard for all levels of the game. Since 1941, helmets have evolved from hard plastic shells to the aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite structures that we see today. Modern batting helmets can withstand impacts of up to 100 mph.

Softball Helmet Buying Guide

To determine what helmet size you are, measure the circumference of your head. Compare this measurement to a sizing chart to determine which size is best suited for you -- all helmet manufacturers issue sizing charts, and sizes may differ ever so slightly between brands. A properly fitted helmet will feel secure on your head and won’t wobble when you shake your head. Faceguards and chin straps are a popular helmet addition, because they offer enhanced face protection. Above all else, make sure your helmet is ASA approved.

Best Softball Helmets

Both fastpitch and slowpitch helmets deliver necessary protection for softball players. Popular brands for softball helmets include DeMarini and Easton. The DeMarini Paradox is available in a variety of colors and offers superior padding to create a secure fit. For a streamlined look, the Easton Prowess Grip enhances player visibility and is a super lightweight helmet option. The Easton Z5, available in junior and senior sizes, is another quality option for softball players of all ages.