7 Best USA Baseball Bats for 2024

Whether you're a seasoned slugger or a young hitter just discovering your pop at the plate, the right bat can make all the difference.

USA bats are designed with performance and safety in mind, and built with materials that comply with the regulations established by Little League Baseball, USA Baseball, and other youth baseball leagues. The construction of USA bats emphasizes a balance between power and control, helping youngsters develop their skills while also maintaining a level playing field for everyone.

USA Baseball regulations have shifted this year making bat selection more crucial than ever during the season ahead. With this in mind—we've scoured the market to bring you the seven best USA baseball bats for 2024, with something for every style of hitter and every budget. Each bat is designed to maximize your potential and performance at the plate. 

Louisville Slugger Solo


The Louisville Slugger Solo is one of the most affordable USA bats on the market. It's been a favorite for youth players since its inception in 2018. The 2022 version has a super light alloy barrel, outfitted with a thinner wall design for maximum pop. The bat comes in a huge range of sizes, making it a good fir for just about any player. 

Expert Review: "The Louisville Slugger Solo USA is made for the hands of young players. It has a thoughtfully designed grip with vibration dampening to minimize hand sting. It has pop and a responsive sweet spot that will give confidence to young players learning how to swing."

Solos starting at $24!

DeMarini The Goods


The Goods USA baseball bat has become a justifiably popular addition to DeMarini’s lineup. Released in 2023, the hybrid “Half + Half” construction merges a powerful alloy barrel with a composite handle. The Goods provides a unique blend of weight distribution and power. Even under USA pop restrictions, this bat swings light and has a tremendous sweet spot. The Goods USA also features a unique X14 Alloy Barrel for maximum stiffness.

Expert Review: "The Goods is a top performer and the 2024 model is the most expensive hybrid bat on the market. It's an end loaded bat for that power hitter in your lineup. The alloy is strong, and it has a good whip to it. Overall, The Goods is in the top five in the hybrids for both BBCOR and youth."

The Goods starting at $90!

DeMarini CF


The CF series is DeMarini’s flagship line of composite bats, known for its innovative design and exceptional performance for a wide range of players. The CF USA bat, released in 2022 is a lightweight two-piece composite bat designed for youth players looking to improve at the plate. The lightweight composite barrel and handle help increase bat speed and make contact with the ball easier. It features 3Fusion Connection to reduce vibration and redirect energy back to the barrel. 

Expert Review: "The CF reflects a classic design which has been the same since 2015. A two-piece composite that offers a large barrel and sweet spot with a lightweight handle that creates a whip-like feel to it with the flexible connection between the handle and barrel."

CFs starting at $85!

Marucci CAT Connect


The CAT Connect USA bat offers young players a bat specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of USA Baseball. It integrates Marucci's well-known craftsmanship with an AZ105 alloy barrel (the strongest aluminum on the Marucci bat line) and a multi-variable wall design giving it an expanded sweet spot and thinner barrel walls. Based on professional players' insights and rigorous field testing, Marucci bats are renowned for their innovative features and value. This is the perfect bat for young players seeking a light-swinging, USA-certified hybrid bat.

Expert Review: "This single-piece USA bat has a great sound when the ball connects and balanced swing. Young players tend to love the big barrel and the knob to help dampen stings."

CAT Connects starting at $85!

Easton ADV 360


The Easton ADV 360 released its USA model in 2020. The ADV 360 is a two-piece composite bat with a large, light-swinging barrel. It takes advantage of Easton's Launch Composite Technology, a larger barrel contour, and a more responsive (and forgiving) sweet spot. The bat’s overall engineering ensures precision and flexibility across the entire barrel for more consistent performance. With its two-piece iSO ConneXion™ design, the ADV 360 absorbs vibration, delivering an unmatched feel at contact. This bat comes in all sizes and is a great choice for serious youth players. 

Expert review: "The Easton ADV 360 is a two-piece composite bat. It has a light swing and big barrel. Perfect for the younger hitter. I think it is popular because of the paint job, which is bright neon yellow. It's an good choice bat for either Little League or USSSA."

ADV 360s starting at $60!

Rawlings Quatro Pro


The Rawlings Quatro Pro produces a balanced combination of power and speed to enhance each swing. The Quatro Pro's standout feature is its huge barrel profile, designed to deliver a light swing and flexible feel on contact. Every detail of the Quatro Pro is the result of number-crunching and meticulous engineering, intended to elevate each aspect of a player's swing. This bat is perfect for hitters looking for a more flexible handle, a Lizard Skin grip, and a non-flared handle.

Expert review:  "The first USA model of the Quatro Pro was launched in 2019. Even today, it's one of the hottest bats out there. If you can find one, the Quatro Pro is a great performer; it's lightweight, easy to swing, and has a ton of pop."

Quatro Pros starting at $40!

Warstic Bonesaber


The Warstic Bonesaber dropped a USA version in 2023. It’s a single-piece aluminum bat with a tapered handle and a barrel performance that feels similar to most aluminum bats on the market. It has a light swing, great exit speeds, and is modeled after the 271 wood bat profile that does it all—power, gap, and contact hitting. It’s the perfect bat for a youth player who wants a clean visual aesthetic and ultra-light swing speed. 

Expert review: "The Warstic Bonesaber is a single-piece aluminum bat known for its unique flared knob. It resembles some of the wood bats that the pro ball players use. Which is why I think some players go for it. It's stiff and a little on the heavy side." 

Bonesabers starting at $125!

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