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Dunlop Pro (High Altitude) (Green Dot) Squash Ball BOX (12-Balls)
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Dunlop Pro (High Altitude) (Green Dot) Squash Ball BOX (12-Balls)

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CategoryTennis & Racquet Sports > Squash > Racquets
BrandDunlop Squash RacquetsDunlop
ConditionNew Squash RacquetsNew
GenderUnisex Squash RacquetsUnisex

Description of the BallThe Dunlop Pro High Altitude Green Dot Squash Ball is design for play at high altitude. This does NOT mean that the ball bounces high. The "Dunlop Pro (High Altitude) (Green Dot) Squash Ball BOX (12-Balls)" refers to a specific type of squash ball designed for use at high altitudes. Squash balls come in various speeds and specifications to accommodate different playing conditions and player levels. Here's what you can expect from the Dunlop Pro (High Altitude) (Green Dot) Squash Ball BOX (12-Balls): 1. Brand - Dunlop: Dunlop is a well-known brand in the squash industry, producing a variety of squash equipment, including balls, rackets, strings, and accessories. 2. Pro (High Altitude): "Pro" indicates the model of the squash ball, and "High Altitude" suggests that these balls are designed to perform optimally at high-altitude locations where the air is thinner. Altitude can affect the bounce and behavior of squash balls, so balls designed for high altitudes are adjusted to compensate for the lower air density. 3. Green Dot: The "Green Dot" indicates the specific speed or level of bounce of the squash ball. Different dot colors are used to classify the speed of the balls, with green typically representing a slower ball suitable for players who are learning or those playing at higher altitudes. 4. Squash Ball BOX (12-Balls): This purchase includes a total of 12 squash balls. Bulk packaging is convenient for players who go through balls quickly, such as squash clubs, coaches, or players who practice regularly. 5. Usage: The Dunlop Pro (High Altitude) (Green Dot) Squash Ball is designed for players who are either learning the game or playing at high-altitude locations. 6. Performance: Squash balls designed for high altitudes are adjusted to ensure that they provide consistent performance and bounce despite the thinner air. The green dot designation indicates that this ball has a slower bounce, making it suitable for learners and those adjusting to playing at high altitudes. Specifications - 12 Balls 1 Box Single Green Dot (SGD). Single Green Dot (SGD).1 Box12 Balls Brand: DUNLOP

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