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Gearbox GBX 135 Squash Racquet

Gearbox GBX 135 Squash Racquet

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The Gearbox GBX 135 Squash Racquet is a high-quality racquet designed for players seeking excellent control and power on the squash court. With its durable construction and advanced features, this racquet offers players the perfect combination of precision and performance. Technology: 1. Graphite Construction: The GBX 135 racquet is constructed with high-quality graphite materials, providing a solid and durable frame. This construction ensures optimal power transfer and enhanced control, allowing players to execute accurate shots with confidence. 2. Control String Pattern: The racquet features a control-oriented string pattern that helps players achieve maximum control and accuracy. The tightly spaced strings enable players to place the ball precisely and maintain better shot placement during rallies. 3. Reactive Frame Technology: The GBX 135 racquet incorporates Reactive Frame Technology, which enhances the racquet's responsiveness and power. This technology optimizes the frame's stiffness and flex, allowing for improved shot speed and control. 4. Balanced Weight Distribution: The racquet is designed with a balanced weight distribution, providing a comfortable and maneuverable feel. This balance allows players to adapt to different playing styles and shot types, making it suitable for both aggressive and finesse players. 5. Comfort Grip System: The racquet is equipped with a comfort grip system that provides a secure and comfortable hold. This ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and ensures a confident grip during intense gameplay, enhancing control and shot execution. 6. String Dampening System: The GBX 135 racquet features a string dampening system that helps absorb vibrations upon ball impact. This technology reduces unwanted vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable feel during play. The Gearbox GBX 135 Squash Racquet is a reliable choice for players seeking control, power, and durability. With its advanced technology and thoughtful design, this racquet allows players to elevate their game and achieve peak performance on the squash court. Material: 100% Carbon Fiber Construction Shape: Hybrid Teardrop Weight (unstrung): 135g Length: 26.9in / 684mm Head Size: 80 sq. in. / 516 sq. cm; Maximum control and accuracy Material: 100% Carbon Fiber ConstructionShape: Hybrid TeardropWeight (unstrung): 135g;Length: 26.9in / 684mmHead Size: 80 sq. in. / 516 sq. cm;Maximum control and accuracy Brand: Gearbox

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