Dunlop Pro Double Dot Squash Ball (12 pk)

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An extremely durable, high quality rubber compound unique to Dunlop that provides the ultimate performance squash ball for professional, tournament and club team players. The Dunlop Pro Double Dot Squash Ball is a high-performance squash ball designed for professional and advanced-level players. Dunlop is a well-established brand in the squash industry, known for producing quality equipment and accessories. Here are some key features and characteristics of the Dunlop Pro Double Dot Squash Ball: 1. Speed Rating: The Pro Double Dot Squash Ball is categorized as a double yellow dot ball, which represents the highest level of ball speed and bounce in squash. It is specifically designed for advanced players who have good control and technique. 2. Construction: The ball is made from a combination of natural rubber and synthetic materials. The construction ensures excellent durability and responsiveness, allowing for consistent performance during matches and practice sessions. 3. Bounce and Speed: The Pro Double Dot Squash Ball has a relatively low bounce and high speed compared to other squash balls. This demands precision and quick reflexes from players and provides a challenging game for advanced-level competition. 4. Ball Visibility: The ball typically features a bright yellow color, which enhances visibility against the dark squash court walls and allows players to track its movement easily during fast-paced rallies. 5. Professional Standard: The Dunlop Pro Double Dot Squash Ball is often used in professional tournaments and is endorsed by various squash associations worldwide. Its consistent performance and reliability make it a preferred choice among top-level players. Extremely DurableUltimate PerformanceUsed in all international professional competitions12 PackHigh quality rubberSquash Ball Brand: Dunlop

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